Good boy!

Good boy!

Last night, Mr. Whiskey was grunting at me (to get my attention) as he was sitting by the screen door. I looked at him, and asked, “Do you have to go potty, baby?” He immediately began “dancing”-his ‘potty dance.’ Walking toward the door, I said; “Baby, it’s raining hard outside!” I thought he would recognize that, and decide to use the potty pad in the laundry room inside of the house.

He quickly ran outside onto the grass…and after doing what he needed to do, he ran inside and stood by the shelf where I keep the towel to dry the baby’s fur before going completely indoors. #GoodBoy🐶

If I never see your face again, I (DO) mind…

When picturing you,

I should not care what others see in my heart.

Instead, I should choose to see my view.

Moments before we met;

at me, you flashed that irresistible smile.

It was so genuine that I don’t believe I can ever forget.

This may seem as if I am

feeling too much for you far too soon.

It is rather scary because, for me; you already seem to be the right man.


Adam-“I’m lost, I can’t tell where you end and I begin.”

Rihana-“And it makes you burn to learn that I’m with another man.

Adam–“I wonder, if he’s half the lover that I am.”