“Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open”

I rarely remember my dreams; although I once was able to recall at least one the next morning. I could remember with lucidity the one or two that garnered the most feelings—I would recollect the smells, details about the sights, and more importantly how I would feel in the delusion. This morning; I awoke suddenly,Continue reading ““Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open””

Then, she met Emilio.

She was not at all your “typical American, Southern woman.” After all, she did not believe that her own life was dependent on that of a man being involved. Contrary to everything she had ever believed, after falling in love with Emilio, her life became one that was better suited to have a mate. No,Continue reading “Then, she met Emilio.”

I knew you were trouble…

Insanity is defined as “doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.” By that definition, I am insane. That has been asserted many different times (mostly by males that I’ve dated). ……………… You say I’m acting crazy; yes, I agree. I understand why my actions have made you lazy.   Your inner andContinue reading “I knew you were trouble…”