Good boy!

Last night, Mr. Whiskey was grunting at me (to get my attention) as he was sitting by the screen door. I looked at him, and asked, “Do you have to go potty, baby?” He immediately began “dancing”-his ‘potty dance.’ Walking toward the door, I said; “Baby, it’s raining hard outside!” I thought he would recognizeContinue reading “Good boy!”

The Ballad of Whiskey the puppy by BrandysBrain

Since Coco is in heat; I’ve been allowing Whiskey to sleep upstairs with me in my bedroom. Normally they sleep on their doggy bed together. Whiskey doesn’t understand why he is alone in their bed…so, I allow him to come upstairs. I’ve tried bringing one of the potty pads up with me so he wouldContinue reading “The Ballad of Whiskey the puppy by BrandysBrain”