Rest In Peace…

I went to The Rogue Tavern, ALONE … tonight. I tried to go a few weeks ago (March 6), and Dustin sent me a text that had a screenshot of Erath Old’s status update, saying that he and Walker Hayes were re-scheduling for tonight due to Walker having strep.

This was the first time I have ventured out to the bar/concert scene since my wreck FOURTEEN YEARS ago. My good buddy, Dustin, was going to try to be there; but he ended up not being able to go. So, yes…I was “me” again–going out alone.

With the help of my GPS, I was able to locate the restaurant/bar. I found a good parking spot on the side of the building; and began to make my way to the entrance. I saw a WZZK vehicle parked on the street and some ZZK staff in the front of the restaurant. That was kind of comforting and also very disheartening. I remember very well being the girl who helped set up the “remote’s.” I was missing that (greatly) as I saw the 20-something-year-old “adults” doing everything I once did myself in preparation for a small concert. I was wanting to stop them and say: “CHERISH THIS TIME…it is likely going to be your most fond memory to have.” But, of course, I just smiled and continued my trek into the restaurant/bar.

As I walked in the door, a very attractive man was walking out of the establishment and headed for the door. It took me only a moment to realize that the dreamy man, was the very same man I had come to watch perform…Walker Hayes! I said to him, “Hello Walker; my name is Brandy…and I want you to know that your CD has not left my player in 3 months. I’ve been playing the CD on ‘repeat! I love every song on the disc.” He smiled and genuinely thanked me.  I was desperately searching my memory to tell him what songs, in particular, stood out to me. After he witnessed me thinking with no luck, he said: “Craig?” That took me off guard, so I just agreed–because, honestly, I have been listening to that song frequently. However, I knew that was not the song that I was thinking about…




Today, I planned to have the oil changed in my vehicle, then go to Nana’s/visit Mom. My plan was to go pick up a few items in the way of groceries when I finished visiting. Unfortunately, my truck broke down as I was en route. Jamie had to pick me up, and he had my Explorer towed to the shop (again). I was feeling quite pathetic.

Tonight, I drove his car to our local convenience store. As I was standing in line, ready to pay for my “Dulce de Leche” bottled Frappuccino; I heard the bottle smash the floor! I didn’t even feel it slip from my grip.

My Mom is right; my feelings are expressed in my facial cues/body language. For, I thought I handled the accident well…but, Sue, immediately said to me in her motherly tone, as she was finishing with a customer and rushing from behind the counter to hug me (and clean up the mess I had unintentionally made), “Now, don’t you worry about that; just go get you another one…it is okay!”

She then proceeded to clean up my mess, while refusing the help to clean that I offered. I tried to pick up the large glass pieces as she was making her way to the customer side of the counter, and she was being “such a Mom” telling me (worrisome and sweetly), “DON’T CUT YOURSELF! Let me get it!” I begrudgingly obeyed, and went to get another Frappuccino.

Another girl was being so sweet…she instructed me to go to the empty register where she could ring me up. I offered (and expected) to pay for the drink I dropped, she would not allow that. She told me, “It happens to all of us, it’s okay.” 😕 I continued to offer to pay for the drink I had dropped, and she told me not to worry about it!

I felt guilty as I was walking out of the store, I couldn’t even stay long enough to thank Sue, again (the tears were due at any moment); so, I asked the girl who was so nice if she could tell Sue that I said “thank you.”

This day has been a major FAIL!