You are NOT going to be my Achilles Heel.


that is how I feel.

I was warned;

by you and people that know you for real.

I knew you would hurt me;

even if it was not intentionally.


on the pain she gave you.


I am hurting.

My heart physically aches.

Our competing hearts are senseless, if you “really care for me”

If that is true, why am I being treated so callously?

I have several people that are romantically interested in me.

You did not realize that I CHOOSE/CHOSE you.

Those people will show it now that you are gone.

Other people respected our relationship.

What I told you in the beginning that

YOU would be my final try, it is something I meant.

Thanks for forcing me to socialize again;

I now have friends.

Begin again?

I understand your hesitation.

The life you’ve led, not cowardice, will not allow you to trust your heart.

For once, it is I who is the person pleading for the other to let down the walls–to hide the armor and feel the salvation.

Putting your trust in me will not be a regret.

You are understandably nervous, but I believe you are ready to start.

I can and will help you find the way for your heart to completely reset.

My heart is ever at your service.– William Shakespeare


Because I truly want to feel that my wrong-doings are resolved;

I choose to trust what my spiritual advisor envisions.

It is seen that you are NOT the man with whom I should continue to be involved;

according to the views, the ways you behave are not completely your decisions.

By no means, does that allow your actions to be absolved;

instead, it is my feelings that are in need of revision.

The happiness we were starting to share was becoming expected;

frightened, I needed space for my head/heart to gather cognition.

Quickly, my feelings were accepted;

I listened to my internal decision.

Sharing that with you, caused me to be rejected;

regardless of what you said, I still have my suspicions.

However, circumstances seen are not a given;

my belief is correct, the future is able to be written.


When I am happy deep inside of myself; I want to go out and play the part.

Similarly, when I am conflicted within my core; my creativity flows.

I don’t write when there isn’t anything plaguing my brain…my feelings…my heart.

Maybe this is why I seek out the most complications; to fuel my creative productivity.

All artists are melancholy, that fact is well known; when sad or mad, the expression glows.

If I am happy, I desperately try to seek out my beautiful creative spirit for activity.

As of late, that is why my writing prospects seemed dim;

To write well, I need to feel jaded—instead of elated.

Even if I have not felt this strongly for another since my absolute best friend; I refuse to allow this man’s lack of action to make me feel so grim.