Oh, how I have missed you…

work. I went in today so that I could be put back into the system on the company database. I was originally hired on Wednesday June 13, 2018…I took off in late February of last year. And I was officially re-hired today, Thursday January 14, 2021. It was so comforting to be back. Mom saysContinue reading “Oh, how I have missed you…”

What’s this life for?

Scott Stapp wrote my feelings for 2021 back in 1997…ALMOST 25 years ago. I am sick of living, yet my baby’s are what keep me willingly getting out of bed each morning. My baby boy, Lil’ AJ lost his hu-mommy, then 2 years later, he lost his dog-mommy AND his sister in the same yearContinue reading “What’s this life for?”