We thought you said “Eggs are sides” not EXERCISE; what a lousy trick, HuMommy.

As I had not been to our local park in 20+ years; I was expecting things to have changed for the better. Of course, nothing has changed much…there is not even a walking track (like I expected). So, we walked around the T-ball field (that is ‘new’), and in the stands of two of theContinue reading “We thought you said “Eggs are sides” not EXERCISE; what a lousy trick, HuMommy.”

This is my … hometown.

I’ve had a good day! My very good friend, Beth, brought me a much treasured ‘Granddoc’ plant (a rubber plant tree) that she also painted the planter it is planted in. ‘Aunt Beth’ spent the entire time we chatted with the other (what? 3 or so hours…) loving my babies. Princess Coco loves Beth…but, EVENContinue reading “This is my … hometown.”

My review on the film, ‘Batman v Superman’

Okay, I am not a comic book “nerd;” albeit, I am in love with a self-proclaimed one. Since he and I have been a couple…I have watched several Marvel films. My favorites are ‘The Avengers’…I love Hawkeye, The Hulk, Thor, and of course Iron Man.   When I was a kid, I recall wearing WonderContinue reading “My review on the film, ‘Batman v Superman’”

I am a wonderful Mommy to my ‘kids’…

Yesterday, when I finally decided to get my butt out of the bed to start my day; it was after 10:00 AM.  Gratefully, HUD understands my need for sleep and he does not fault me for it. My brain becomes a lot more TIRED, and less able to handle “simple” tasks in the same manner most otherContinue reading “I am a wonderful Mommy to my ‘kids’…”

Things are different; but the same.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday; I was given two Easter baskets. Albeit, I have to SHARE the basket that Mom made for “me” with my “husband,” because she put our things into a single basket. He and I both grew up as only children…amazingly, I don’t mind sharing with him. I spent the day at my Nana’s.Continue reading “Things are different; but the same.”

My thoughts for the night consist mostly of this…

“What’s on my mind” today… Even when I was engaged and planned to marry Yankee…I STILL thought of an old boyfriend in particular–A LOT. But, it was not because I was missing the old boyfriend; rather, I was missing my former self–ME. The following song reminded me of the boyfriend previously mentioned. The song wasContinue reading “My thoughts for the night consist mostly of this…”