( [“…I could write it…”] Taken from the song, “Hum Hallelujah” by ‘Fall Out Boy.’)

I do not feel compelled to write daily. Albeit, I should write more often if my aim is to be a successful “blogger.” The trouble with that is, I don’t “blog” the way a typical person does; I use this outlet as more of  “diary.” Well, more akin to a journal, considering that people do read my page.

I have attended one of many of one local SUCCESSFUL blogger’s meetings-the meetings I am referring to, are ones trying to make every person aware of the best ways in which to make your blog be seen. I also subscribe to the Blogger’s E-mail’s / social media discussions. Each time it is shared to find a “niche” for your blog…I’ve even said to the one I strive to be like in the blogging world (successful, not necessarily well-known); “My site is ‘BrandysBRAIN,’ it is simply about whatever I am feeling at the moment. Well, the blogger quickly tried to deflate my dream of just writing whatever I was feeling; insisting that not many people cared to read that. So, I understand, and I have yet to find a niche; quite frankly, I am just not certain that I am ever going to try. My blog, is MY blog…BrandysBRAIN; it is what I am thinking/feeling. This site is mostly entries having to do with my pups…you’ve been warned. The dogs are my life (along with the love of my life-HUD).

Not really interested in gaining a loyal group of followers; I write when the feeling strikes.

(I am back to my “newbie” status of customizing my ‘WordPress’ site…please bear with me and focus on the content and not the aesthetics of it for now.)

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