It’s official…

I am officially a supermarket employee, once more. I absolutely love working at a supermarket (it is my favorite work…after working in large-market FM radio broadcasting). I miss working at the supermarket… and I LOVE it.

I informed a higher up as she was putting me back into the system, that I have a Bachelors Degree, but I LOVED working there. She told me that a lot of people who work there at the supermarket who have college degree’s. I understand now what the woman meant…she was referring to people in the management positions; whereas I was referring to the lowest position.

I was hired in at a pay rate that is one dollar more than I was originally hired in to earn. I get to work with my BFF, again. 🤓 I hope to see him, the customer that I had finally begun to make progress with, sooner than later, preferably.

AND my employee number is the same as before! Tuesday is my first day back (I will be doing computer work).


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