Oh, how I have missed you…


I went in today so that I could be put back into the system on the company database. I was originally hired on Wednesday June 13, 2018…I took off in late February of last year. And I was officially re-hired today, Thursday January 14, 2021. It was so comforting to be back. Mom says quite often, that I love that job. And I do LOVE working there.

I realize that not everyone had the luxury of being able to take off of work because of the virus (which I now see was a mistake…yes, the virus is deadly; yes, it is not something to stop living for). Sure, there are a great deal many of new faces at work, but it was so refreshing to see the “old” faces I so fondly recall.

I believe that I was hired in at $11.00 an hour today and that is more than I was making upon leaving for my “sabbatical” almost one year ago. But, I’m sure it is a cost-of-living raise.

I love working there. I’m excited to start back to work…I’ll only get a maximum of 15 hours…because I do not need to lose my meager disability check.

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