I can not stop smiling.

Life is looking up for me.  Getting a job at a grocery store where my crush works…is probably the best thing I have done in quite a long time; my crush is becoming just a pretty thing for me to look at/watch. I’m “right at home,” and becoming the ‘social butterfly’ I remember so fondly. I am not at all insecure. I love my job.

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"Writing, to me; is simply thinking through my fingers." — Isaac Asimovz [This blog is mainly one that concerns my life with my furbabies; Princess Coco and Mr. Whiskey, 'Chiweenies.' You've been warned.] My blog is mostly one of "journal-esque" (diary) entries with few real names being used to protect the innocent or to keep those who are not so innocent from being tracked down.

2 thoughts on “I can not stop smiling.

  1. This is adorable! Glad to hear you are doing so well though. Don’t each other for so long. This is Dan Black. I believe we met on Myspace many years ago LOL!

    We are Facebook friends currently.


    1. Dan! I know who you are…silly. WOW, I can’t believe we met via ‘MySpace!’ I assumed that we met on a DMB page or something on Facebook.

      I see your updates in my news feed, but recently, upon ALMOST commenting on a photo, I did not for fear that you would be annoyed, because haven’t chatted in quite a long while. *smh*

      Yes, the crush seriously did become simply a pretty thing for me to gaze upon. Now, I truly don’t even pay attention when he’s at work. Also, I DID NOT get a job there because of his working there! I honestly was under the impression that he no longer worked where I am now happily employed.


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