Mommy/daughter time..

A nice two days with my Mom were had this week. She and her oldest sister, visiting from several states away, met me at the water park in my hometown.

This is the same park that HUD worked at for so many years. Also, my best friend in high school, was a lifeguard there as well. I did not go to the Park very often, because I was always working; plus, any free time I had, I used to catch up on my sleep! For, when I was working in radio, the last thing I wanted to do was spend time in the town where I am finally proud from which to hail! Mom, my Aunt, and I spent the entire day together at the water park, Tuesday.

My Aunt had a good time; she was riding ALL of the water slides. Wanting to not have my Aunt wait in line and go alone; I, too, rode on each slide-multiple times! If my Aunt had not been there; I would have NEVER ridden the water slides so many different times. Like my mother, I would have contentedly float on something in the HUGE pool.


My Aunt said: “We are going to get your Mom to ride slides with us in a bit.” I retorted something akin to; “Mom likes to float in the pool; she’s not gonna come ride slides with us.” My Aunt heard me, but she was not going to give up without a fight.

The park features a huge pool, water slides, a picnic area, plus pavilions and grills.


views of the gigantic pool


After my Aunt and I had ridden a particularly slow-moving slide, she said to me, “Your mom would like this,” while I gave her a look of disagreement; she said, “let’s go get her.” Begrudgingly, I accompanied my Aunt to fetch my mom, still convinced that Mom was NOT going to willingly leave her float so she could ride slides with us.  My Aunt’s ability to simply request ONE TIME that her youngest sister ride slides with us; amazed me, when my mother did not even try to get out of it, and succumbed to her sister’s request so easily.

I recall thinking that this is how it must have been while the two were growing up…my Aunt asserting her wishes, not at all violently, with her having 6-7 years seniority on the youngest child of five others (my Mom). My Aunt didn’t need to assert her seniority to remind her little red headed sister, when the two were children, so, Aunt “Minkie” still need not remind my mother of her seniority. My mom has always respected and admired her oldest sister.

The three of us rode the slowest slides; my Aunt and I discovered that, depending on the side of the mat you sat; the speed in which you accelerated was affected. Mom also willingly rode the slower slides…


Mom did not want to ride “The Sidewinder,” and we did not push her to do so. My Aunt Minkie has always been a “daredevil,” according to Mom.  I actually rode this slide four separate times! I rode just one time with HUD the year before.

The three of us enjoyed our day…we had a waffle cone from the concession stand, when we sat down at one of the picnic tables to rest. We even went to the kiddie side of the pool and allowed the water that fills buckets, fall onto us…



Aunt Minkie drove to where my grandmother is staying at the nursing home/rehabilitation center, and Mom came to HUD’s and my house to stay overnight. Mom was happy because she was able to spend time with her “grandchildren,” Mr. Whiskey and Princess Coco. HUD bought dinner for us, and after dinner; the three of us sat outside on the front porch and drank a bit.

The next morning, Mom and I got into the pool that HUD purchased not for the pups (LOL) with the dogs. HUD stayed home that day, but he allowed Mom and I some quality time together before I drove her back home that evening. HUD even said to Mom, “Come back and spend a few days; on a weekend. That surprised me, because he is very protective of his weekend times. When he said that, it proved to me that what he claims about “loving (my) Mom” is indeed, true. He told me that he was happy Mom was able to relax and enjoy herself…


I was happy to have my Mommy stay with us. She had only spent the night with me on two nights while HUD was out-of-town. That was around one year ago! HUD knows just how much I have been missing my Mommy and needing to have her stay with me. Mom is always busy because she is taking care of my grandparents home, BOTH of my grandparents, and also her older brother. My Uncle helps her, but not nearly enough…so, Mom was very relaxed while staying at our house. Mom told me that she liked how I had decorated our home…and she was impressed with how great mine and Jamie’s bedroom turned out! That made me feel great.

All and all, it was an excellent middle of the week!








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