We thought you said “Eggs are sides” not EXERCISE; what a lousy trick, HuMommy.

As I had not been to our local park in 20+ years; I was expecting things to have changed for the better. Of course, nothing has changed much…there is not even a walking track (like I expected). So, we walked around the T-ball field (that is ‘new’), and in the stands of two of the baseball fields.

I walked with Princess Coco and Mr. Whiskey for around 20 minutes. I was letting them smell everything and “mark” stuff as well. I believe that Coco has her own female way of marking things; she relieves herself while dragging her butt across the grass! It is the cutest thing. But, I digress…
I informed HUD yesterday evening that I was planning to begin walking the pups a few times a week, and eventually every morning. I thought it was good to get them out of the house and to give the 3 of us much needed exercise. 
This morning being the following one in which that I proclaimed that to him; I refused to get my lazy tail out of bed when his alarm clock went off to awaken him (usually it goes off at 5-5:30 in the morning).  I (unwillingly) got out of bed around 8:30; I did not “wake up” enough to take the pups for their walk until around 9:45.
I wish that I would have gotten my lazy tail out of bed this morning…because as “nice” as it seemed to be outside; it was still far too hot for my fur-babies to exercise. I admit that I was also sweating a little. But, I kept on walking because they need to exercise (as do I).

It was not until I walked for about 20-25 minutes with The Princess and Mr. Whiskey that he found a nice shady spot beneath a bleacher and just “plopped” down onto his side with his tongue hanging out, that I decided it was time to go home. 

As soon as I said to Mr. Whiskey, “Are you ready to go home, baby?”; his ears perked up and he looked at me with a perplexed, yet hopeful, look on his face. I asked him again, and his head popped up. I then said, “Let’s go home, Princess…Whiskey, get into the truck.” He immediately began “power walking” to my vehicle. Coco was just as happy at the thought of the air conditioned HOME in which her puppy bed and all of her beloved toys reside.

The pair of them were panting as we rode back to the house (I had the windows down because my air conditioner does not work in my truck). I felt a like a bad “pup” Mommy for forgetting to bring their water bottle. As we were leaving the park; I noticed that some folks were in the concession stand. I briefly considered stopping and explaining my situation of my panting babies; that thought quickly left my mind as swiftly as it had entered it. We literally live minutes from the park.
I oftentimes become confused with the roadway that leads to our home and take a right as opposed to the correct direction of “left.” Little things with which I deal now are able to be blamed on the fact that I am brain damaged. I find humor in these things…most of the time, anyway. I continued driving in the wrong direction for about 45 seconds before I realized it was the wrong way. Upon my realization…I felt like a horrible PupMommy, again.
After doing a 180 and heading to our home; when pulling into the spot left for me in the carport, I let the babies into our house without doing my usual things about taking my time to walk indoors. I hated that they were so hot! Mr. Whiskey knew to go gulp down some water where the food/water bowls are in our kitchen…but, The Princess headed straight for the puppy bed (one of 2 or 3 in our home…this one is in the kitchen)! 
I had to coax Coco to drink water, it was almost as if she did not want to get in her brother’s way. After Coco had finished, Mr. Whiskey walked in front of the bowls and decided to rest…

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