We thought you said “Eggs are sides” not EXERCISE; what a lousy trick, HuMommy.

As I had not been to our local park in 20+ years; I was expecting things to have changed for the better. Of course, nothing has changed much…there is not even a walking track (like I expected). So, we walked around the T-ball field (that is ‘new’), and in the stands of two of the baseball fields.

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This is my … hometown.

I’ve had a good day! My very good friend, Beth, brought me a much treasured ‘Granddoc’ plant (a rubber plant tree) that she also painted the planter it is planted in.

‘Aunt Beth’ spent the entire time we chatted with the other (what? 3 or so hours…) loving my babies. Princess Coco loves Beth…but, EVEN MR. WHISKEY (still) adores her!

While sitting on our front porch…Beth and I watched squirrels, woodpeckers, and a blue bird in a tree in front of the house.


We spent time sitting outside for several hours, before going to have lunch at a place I’ve been craving to eat at for days, now.

We ran into a guy we graduated high school with, ‘Tic’ while eating lunch before Beth’s shift; things like this make me happy to live back in my hometown!

(I need a plastic thingy for underneath the pot. I had JUST watered the plant…)

Eric Church – Give Me Back My Hometown

“Damn, I used to love this view
Sit here and drink a few
Main street and the high school lit up on Friday night
Down there it’s another touchdown
Man, this year’s team is stout
I can hear them goin’ crazy
And up here so am I
Thinkin’ about you sittin’ there sayin’ I hate this, I hate it
If you couldn’t stand livin’ here why’d you take it, take it

Give me back my hometown
‘Cause this is my hometown

All the colors of my youth
The red, the green, the hope, the truth
Are beatin’ me black and blue ’cause you’re in every scene
My friends try to cheer me up get together at the Pizza Hut
I didn’t have the heart to tell them that was our place
These sleepy streetlights on every sidewalk side street
Shed a light on everything that used to be

Give me back my hometown
‘Cause this is my hometown

Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah
Ah ooh, yeah, yeah
You can have my grandma’s locket
The knife out of my grandpa’s pocket
Yeah my state champion jacket I don’t care you can have it
Every made memory every picture, every broken dream
Yeah everything, everything, everything

Give me back my hometown
‘Cause this is my hometown…”

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My review on the film, ‘Batman v Superman’

Okay, I am not a comic book “nerd;” albeit, I am in love with a self-proclaimed one. Since he and I have been a couple…I have watched several Marvel films. My favorites are ‘The Avengers’…I love Hawkeye, The Hulk, Thor, and of course Iron Man.


When I was a kid, I recall wearing Wonder Woman (from DC Comics) Under roos; I adored her. While watching the newest DC Comics film, ‘ Batman v Superman ‘ yesterday…I perked up in my seat as soon as WW came back on screen–I was so excited! When I say “perked up,” oh how I do mean, “perked up.” I was becoming quite bored with the movie. 

For, the film itself was a bit drawn-out on camera for my taste; I had resigned myself to being okay with the fact that I was going to have to nap in the movie theater seat for HUD seemed to not really be enjoying the movie, but, he wanted to see what happened (that is simply what I thought…he says he thinks the movie was good. But, I’ve seen his eyes light up in Marvel films, and the excitement come out with the way his physical reactions are. This is why I don’t believe that he loved this DC Comics movie). 

I am not really a comic fan, in that I’ve never read any of the comics. I feel that watching Marvel movies has dulled my senses to action or anything of that nature. Comedic quips, for one, were not to be given (thank God for “Marvel’s, “‘Tony Stark’ and ‘Captain America’ for making us laugh, either on purpose or not).

From a movie maker’s stand-point; I feel that the writing was too much. As in, the writer’s were unable to decide on what scenario’s to include in the film…so, they just found a way to put all of the dreamed up scenario’s into the movie. Eh. I truly believe the movie was worthy of a scholastic grade of “C -“…

For a friend who was in many of my broadcast communication classes in college, Nathan; because I am not a reader of the comics, and did not ‘catch on’ to things like I would have had I been a fan of the comic books, I feel that that is why I do not feel that the movie is good.

For another friend who was in many of my broadcast communication classes in college, Steven–Because I am not a reader of the comics; maybe that is why I do not feel that the movie is good, in that I did not have the pure love for the characters already in my heart. However, even if I would have the love for DC characters; I feel that the film was too drawn out, and the writing was horrible. I liked Amy Adams and the guy who plays the Villain…but, I still think that was overdone as well. I am looking at it from a “writer’s view,” I suppose. 

And, thank you, to our television production teacher at the University, Dr. McGrail–I’m ALWAYS finding the tiniest flubs with video editing…that has made my ability to enjoy a movie one that is quite difficult!