Things are different; but the same.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday; I was given two Easter baskets. Albeit, I have to SHARE the basket that Mom made for “me” with my “husband,” because she put our things into a single basket. He and I both grew up as only children…amazingly, I don’t mind sharing with him.

Nana and Brandy Easter 2016 PHOTOSHOPPED

I spent the day at my Nana’s. My partner followed, and went home early so he could do some work for his company. When the pups and I went back home later in the evening; I was pleased to see that my love had also been working in the yard. He tells me that he is cleaning up our yard, so I will have a nicer place to call ‘home.’ That makes me feel nice, because before I moved in about one year ago, he didn’t care about keeping the yard looking nice.

My grandparents, mom, her 2 older brothers and my uncle’s new wife were at our family gathering as well. I invited my “in-laws;” they were not able to attend because ‘Dad’ is still recovering from having surgery on his eye. At Nana’s, we had a yummy lunch prepared by my Uncles and Mom. It is a little sad that the rest of the family does not even call my aging/in poor health Nana on holidays.  Nana’s other two daughters, 2 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren, and one grandchild and spouse; I understand the families all have their own family, but it upsets me that they have each seemingly forgotten that their grandmother exists! I realize the majority of them are living far away…but they should call her or FT me so they can see her! It was a good day, nonetheless.

Our friend visited our house that night. It was nice to have her over, again; she stayed for around 3 hours…HUD told me to take Mr. Whiskey to the vet and have the small rash on his neck looked at, and also have our Vet look at the Princess Coco to make sure her skin is okay. HUD is so cute about the ways in which he worries about the baby’s!
3.28.2016 Coco and WhiskeyWhen I spoke to HUD earlier, he inquired about the rash on Mr. Whiskey appearing better or worse. I am more liable to believe that he does, in fact, love Mr. Whiskey and it is merely a different way than he loves Princess Coco. I get offended/”mad” that he seemingly treats the Princess with more love and care…I finally understand what he has been telling me for over one year–he honestly does love Whiskey, but in a “different way.”
This morning, I had also been searching for an outside play pen for the pups to put in the yard over the summer, so the pups can play outside, until we get our fence built…I sent the link to HUD, and he said something about purchasing a larger one than a $60-70 one I found online…I said I would love to do that; HUD told me he would help me search for one when he got home this evening. The pups have also stolen his heart…*sigh*

March 28 2016 front yard


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