My thoughts for the night consist mostly of this…

“What’s on my mind” today…

Even when I was engaged and planned to marry Yankee…I STILL thought of an old boyfriend in particular–A LOT. But, it was not because I was missing the old boyfriend; rather, I was missing my former self–ME.

The following song reminded me of the boyfriend previously mentioned. The song was released in 2011…eight years later, I was still missing the “old me.” THIS is how I thought it would be if (hopefully  WHEN) we saw one another again…I had yet to become cognizant of the fact that it was not HIM I was missing so badly, rather, it was the person I was when I loved him.

The song below, brings to mind a KID I had a short romance with…I would sometimes think of him, only because he claimed that this was “his” song. After listening to the  words again…it reminds me of the man I love, and what he has more or less said to me…

The song in the video below, made me think of a more recent BOY (even if his age claims he is a man) I dated…

This one reminds me of my current relationship…only, I am the one who got the man. 🙂 And, I am happy to say that I don’t think of my former relationships…it is like, I’ll see something or hear something that reminds me of a former flame, but instead of the thought of him taking over my mind…it passes through my brain quickly. I usually look at my lovely man and tell him how absolutely gorgeous he is/how happy I am that he is in my life.






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