…but he’s peeing EVERYWHERE!

Mr. Whiskey has an appointment in 3 weeks to get neutered.  I have been adamantly against this; despite several veterinarians at different offices recommendations for (more like their urging) me to have him neutered.  All of these people who are trained in the field of animals, seemed to be “worry warts” to me. Each of the vets, the corresponding veterinary assistants, AND my own Internet research backed up the claims of these educated folks.

Still, I kept imagining that Mr. Whiskey would miss his “jewels,” and besides, I wanted him to be able to impregnate a female dog.  After all, I wanted my Mom to be able to have one of his pups.

Whiskey is the best pup; not very many folks understand him. See, he is picky about who he loves; he also takes his time before he shows love to someone.  His Grammy (my mom), Nana, me…and our friends; Aubrey, Beth and Rae are the folks he loves, and it is very obvious with how he reacts to any of us. Plus, we are all female.

It has taken Whiskey almost a whole year to “warm up” to HUD. The Princess (Coco) is very loving, especially with men.

So, naturally, the Princess is the pup everyone loves and seems to prefer (men normally LOVE Coco) . However, the people who seem to ‘understand’ Whiskey are all female (again, that is Mom, Nana, Aubrey, Beth, Rae, and me).


HUD claims to love Whiskey…he says he loves him just as he loves Coco, but that they have a different relationship. I don’t think HUD tries hard enough to gain Whiskey’s love. Although, I will admit that HUD is trying to get closer to Mr. Whiskey lately…but, HUD is so “fed up” with Mr. Whiskey consistently marking “his” territory.


As I mentioned previously; Mr. Whiskey is beginning to grow quite fond of HUD. In fact, I will walk into the living room and Whiskey is all cuddled up next to HUD if he isn’t sitting in his lap.  It makes my heart swell with happiness when I see that. But, Whiskey is an in-tact male.img_3925

And according to several websites where I have researched the reason he is “marking his territory” inside of our home, when another male dog is no where near our home; is because HUD is another male who lives inside of the house. Whiskey is simply trying to signify that HE is the alpha male.

Coco and Whiskey 02.11.16

Whiskey is very protective of me; he feels as if I am his. For example, if HUD is hugging me or kissing me, Whiskey grunts and/or walks over to us and”nudges” me with his nose &/or paw until I give the pup attention. Princess Coco reacts the same way if I am sitting close to HUD on the love-seat (she thinks HUD is hers…still, she loves me).

Coco will stop what she is doing (even if it is across the room), and prance over to where HUD and I are sitting (usually carrying a toy in her mouth); if we are holding hands, she then  nudges our hands apart and she always ‘plops’ right in between the two of us. It is as if she is telling me, “HE IS MY BOYFRIEND! You better recognize!”  It is actually quite endearing. We have to sneak and hold hands so she won’t nudge our hands apart!

Coco sitting between us

But…Whiskey is feeling threatened by HUD. Threatened because HUD is male…so, Whiskey “marks” his territory in our home. HUD & I plan to remodel, but HUD will not begin remodeling until Mr. Whiskey stops peeing in our home. Whiskey does not use the designated potty pad very often, yet Coco will.

Coco 02.10.16

Mr. Whiskey is getting progressively worse with peeing in our home.  I clean it with an enzymatic cleaner; so he is less likely to mark the same areas. But, it does not seem to be helping.  For instance, today I was out, and the babies were kept in our kitchen for around 3 hours.

When I come home; the first thing I always do is take the pups out to potty.  I noticed 2 places that Whiskey had peed…one was a place where he is always peeing, and the other was completely brand new! 

I did not tell HUD that Whiskey had done this (and it must be him, because the Princess will hold it or go to the potty pad if she must). We have a very nice/expensive surround sound system in our living room, and I do not leave the pups to roam, because I don’t want Whiskey “marking” the floor standing speakers…


Mid-morning today, I made Mr. Whiskey an appointment to get neutered. Mom and I were wanting him to be able to father a litter…that way my Mom could keep one of his pups.  This is not going to be feasible for quite some time for my Mom. So, I decided to get him neutered before HUD throws him out.

See, if Whiskey goes, so will I. And I will take Princess Coco, too. I’ve raised them since they were 6 weeks old. Whiskey and I connected before he even had his eyes open! Not to mention that he has been there with me through many changes in my life…he and Coco sat in my lap and slept while I was finishing my course work to earn my Bachelors Degree in Communications.

I completely  understand HUD’s being unwilling to put up with dog pee in our home…I mean, he is going to be remodeling the house, soon. But, at the same time, I feel a bit pissed that HUD could/would “kick him out.”

I was there for as Whiskey and Coco were growing up, and when they were still able to fit lying down in my hand.

puppy Coco 2013

I set my alarm for every 2 hours to potty train them. wpid-IMAG0319.jpg

And when I cry…Whiskey will get in my face and LICK away the tears.

My brain doctors actually “prescribed” them for me years ago.


Whiskey 4

But, having Mr. Whiskey’s “jewels” cut is not only responsible, but a healthy decision.  I just pray that this works so he will no longer feel the need to “mark his territory.” I have never understood when someone chooses their dog over a person…now I “get it.”  Contrary to what HUD says about my loving the dogs more than I love him (like he claims to love BOTH of the pups); it is a different strain of love. I can’t imagine ever purposely living without them.

They are both so loving and comforting to me when I feel depressed.

I also cannot fathom ever living without HUD on purpose either. These animals are “my kids.” Whiskey has helped me through so many difficult times. He (and Coco) has (have) been with me through all sorts of relationships mistakes…because of me, these babies have had to live in 4 or 5 different places (and they are only 4 years old)!
Coco and Whiskey with me morningtime


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