A good/close friend


…(A good / close friend) of HUD’s visited yesterday afternoon.  I hope that I did not seem as if I was trying to stay away because I was being a witch, as I spent most of the time she was here in the neighboring room, as the two “caught up.” I was trying to learn the new Adobe Elements Photoshop program that HUD had given me as a Christmas gift to go along with my NEW laptop.
I understand that when a close friend visits, and it has been a lengthy separation between you, it is better for the friend they are visiting to be “normal” as the close friend remembers them to be; therefore, the new part of their life, doesn’t need to be “in the way.” HUD has done that with me, when I have a friend visit…so, I wanted to return the gesture.

When HUD’s friend (‘Rae’) arrived, I hugged her (with both arms) in a welcoming embrace, because I always liked the little bit I knew of her when I was a teenager. I think that she felt comfortable because she stayed for several hours. I know that HUD enjoyed that immensely.

She was watching football with HUD, and commenting. I’ve never wanted to learn to understand the sport, because I find it to be a little bit annoying. What, with all of the stopping, only to play for about 10 seconds, simply to stop again.  I was happy HUD had someone with whom to chat about the game…but, I digress.

See, our kitchen is adjacent to our living room, and while they were in the living room together; I stayed in the kitchen trying to learn this new program on my laptop. I really like Rae…I’ve known (of) her since I was in high school, because a close friend of mine is her niece.Rae is older than me, so I never truly knew her.

When she arrived, our pups went crazy (as has become expected)…they were barking and jumping on poor Rae. I directed them to our bedroom, and let them stay in there for a little bit to calm down. HUD assured me prior to Rae’s arrival, that she was going to really like them knowing her, as she is an animal lover. Still, I wanted HUD and Rae to have some quality time together…and getting the babies out of the way, would allow that to happen.

With that in mind, about 30-45 minutes/maybe an hour after Rae’s arrival, and the whole “catching up” phase completed between her and HUD; I went to the back of the house, opened our bedroom door, and allowed the babies to go into the living room where ‘Daddy’ and Rae were.

HUD was right…they immediately took to her. They sniffed her clothes, and Rae was sure that they smelled the two dogs who live with her. I think that the doggy scent let them know that she was “okay.” Princess Coco is more subtle and less ‘in your face’ about greeting a newcomer. She will crawl into the person’s lap, and wag her tail. It is as if she is pleading with the newcomer to “pet me.” This is normally when she directs the classic “puppy dog eyes” in the person’s direction. It is difficult for anyone, even if they are not an animal lover, to disobey that pleading command.

Whereas; Mr. Whiskey prefers to jump in the person’s lap, if he deems the person worthy, he begins his ascent to the top of the newcomers head. He does that, so he can smell the hair, “paw” in it, and lovingly (even if it does hurt) scratch the person’s scalp.  It is Whiskey’s “welcoming ritual” I have learned.

Mr. Whiskey was taken with Rae…I could sense that immediately. But, again, Whiskey was behaving far too “in your face” (literally); I had to take him into the kitchen and put up the baby gate to allow him to calm down.

Rae and HUD were beginning to say their ‘goodbyes’ and they both came into the kitchen where I was, and (thank Heaven) Rae offered her ‘expertise’ on Photoshop. I think that perhaps HUD had said something to her about helping me prior to her departure. I am so grateful for the help she did offer, because I finally am able to achieve the look for which I was hoping!

Mr. Whiskey was continually jumping up on Rae…until she finally understood, he was wanting her to pick him up and hold him! She held him for a good ten minutes, and I could sense that he was incredibly comfortable. He reacted to Rae the way I’ve only seen him react to people he feels comfortable around (all females). He stood in her hands, and was not wanting her to put him down.

Rae was trying to get out of the door, and Whiskey would not “allow it,” for when she put him down on the floor; he would jump on her leg and ‘paw’ at her for Rae to pick him back up. Besides his Grammy (my mom) and me…I’ve only ever seen Whiskey react with such fondness with one other person as of late…that person is a female who graduated high school with me, ‘Beth.’

Before she left our house last night; she helped me with a project I was trying to do using the new program…with her help, I was able to successfully achieve what I had been trying to get done for literally HOURS. HUD and I both said to Rae that she is welcome to visit us here anytime. I hope that she will take that with more than a “friendly gesture” and understand that it is meant.



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