So, I’ve said it before…

but, this time…I aim to actually stay true to my promise to myself (and you–the reader). HUD gave me an awesome laptop as a gift this Christmas (2015), and I want to put it to good use (and not just social networking). That being said; I hope to begin writing (again) on a regular basis.

perspective is everything

I have given myself the task of writing something in this blog, even if it consists of a couple of sentences, at least 3 times a week. So, I should be writing a new entry 12 times a month (simple math has never been a strong point for me….still, I can remember my multiplication table[s] well). Also, I would like to begin writing poetry/fiction/ANYTHING, again.

Following, is the list the personal things I hope to achieve with this new year:

  1. Begin making my dog’s food at home (thereby saving money and causing their health to be better…”back to nature.”)
  2. Get the rooms in our home cleaned out (mainly my closet and our two extra bedrooms), so when my love begins remodeling the inside of our home; it will be less work for me to try and decorate.
  4. Near the beginning of summer when the weather is warmer, I would like to begin cleaning out our basement…I will require HUD’s help in that process.
  5. I would like to start eating (and cooking) more healthy…as I have gotten older, I’ve noticed a major difference in my digestive health.
  6. I want (and need) to be more active. This is mainly for health reasons, and a tad about my appearance.
  7. I should stick to a “bed time” and awaken with HUD (again). I cannot continue to try to stay awake so I can go to bed when HUD does, simply because he stays up late and has to awaken early the next morning. I will go to sleep, even if he is not ready to retire for the evening–getting up in the morning at around the same time.
  8. I really want to read books more often. I want to read my literature books; become more knowledgeable on the works of  Poe, Shakespeare, Frost, Twain, Hemingway…et, al. I want to actually read more this year, fiction books included.
  9. I will stop basing my every achievement on how many “likes” it will get via ‘Facebook’, and also not log in to ‘FB’ as often (according to one study; people who strayed from ‘FB’ were happier…maybe I can test that theory).
  10. I would like to show my almost husband more affection, and less direction.
  11. I would like to stay in touch with people in my life more than by electronically mediated devices. Albeit, I will settle for speaking to many loved ones over the phone far more often (due to logistics, time, money, everyday life…I mean that I will SPEAK to them more often).
  12. I’d like to stay more in tune with what is going on around the world, and my county. I am not going to become engrossed with current events; albeit, I want to be less ignorant about things happening in my world.
  13. As I mentioned prior, I will write something in my blog at least 3 times a week..which should inspire me to write more creatively.

There you have it…my goals for 2016.


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