An OPINION is why I haven’t written in so long…

Really, your opinion matters not."

I shared with an incredibly successful blogger that I was unable to decide what it was I wanted to write. I explained that I am very good at expressing myself in a “first person” view. She doubted that people would be interested in my blog if it had no direction. I explained that the name of my site is “BrandysBRAIN.” She still thought I should change it, because chances were high that not many folks would be interested. I did not get the chance to explain why the site was named that; though I am certain it would have been a moot point.

I did not get the opportunity to share that I am a gifted writer–taking events from my life, and changing names, places, ETC…and writing stories. The überly successful blogger made me doubt my abilities. It is not her fault that I haven’t written, I am not asserting that at all. I’m merely expressing my own feelings of inadequacy brought about by her criticism.

That is, until I was beginning to feel guilty for not writing. I was feeling guilty because I have had so many people comment that they read or have read my posts on my website. Also, I am consistently receiving new “likes” on my FB page created to get more readers of my site. I would think about writing what I wanted to say in my blog; but I kept those things to myself because of the criticism I had received from a successful blogger.

I let her opinion of my blog determine my decision to share my thoughts, so, I seemingly ignored my website for a couple of months. I’m back! Sharing what is in my brain…whatever that could be. I genuinely appreciate YOU.


July 15

“On My Mind “

So, I attended a “meeting” or whatever of a fellow blogger who has become famous in our world in the area in which I reside. When I voluntarily said to her that my blog did not have a direction / specific thing in which I wrote about…her advice to me is: “You are going to have to figure that out first (before I could really do any thing with my blog)!”

I have decided (once again) to write what I want…and that varies. Most days, it is a semi-diary entry…or something about what is happening/has happened in my life in more recent times. I don’t want to have a specific direction for my writings; instead, I wish to continue writing what I feel / think. And keep my section for short stories…after all, this is and I am Brandy. So, what ever it is that my brain is thinking of / about at a specific moment…that is what I will write about. I appreciate my fellow blogger’s opinion…alas, I am going to stay true to my self and just write what I want, and when I want. I don’t need a direction…this site is honestly for me. However, if that were completely true…I would simply stick to my private journal entries, right?


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