The sincerest compliment

HUD walked into the kitchen, where I am putting together a MARVEL comics puzzle to hang in our MARVEL comics themed bedroom. HUD walked over to me, sitting in a chair…he hugged me for a long while. When he pulled away, he looked at me, and said: “Has anyone told you how perfect you are today?”

“Of course,” I sarcastically responded, “yeah (pointing to my face that is covered with zit cream), ‘PERFECT,’ with all of this covering my face.” HUD got up to continue watching the football game. As he was walking into the den; he then shared with me, “It’s your imperfections¬†that make you perfect.” He continued walking into the living room as if he had not said the most beautiful thing to me…especially because I have OBVIOUS imperfections¬†and one about which I worry (my slight speech impediment).

Of course, I followed him…and told him how sweet that was for him to say. He said he meant it. HUD also claimed to have loved me all of his life. I reminded him of his being 4 years my senior. He retorted with something akin to ‘I knew that you were going to be born…someone perfect for me. When you were born; I knew I loved you…especially after meeting you.” I said, “Yeah, and my pushing you away for almost 15 years.” (sic)

I mean what I say.

HUD was outside earlier, using the seed spreader (?) to put out poison for the grub worms (to ward off the armadillo[s] that dig holes in our yard that he has been working so hard on making aesthetically pleasing–HUD began caring about how the yard looks after I moved in #js). As he walked by the open bedroom window where I was folding laundry I had just taken out of the dryer; I thought to myself; “I am so lucky to have such a handsome, hard-working man with whom to share life.”

I then decided that I should tell him how enamored I am with him. As I was walking toward the window to whistle at him…I yelled (as loudly as I am able); “WOO – OOOO!” I did that twice, as HUD seemed to look at me with utter confusion.

When he came indoors, I shared with HUD that my brain does not function properly at times, thus I say strange things/respond in odd ways. That’s when he told me that he understands how my brain is, and that he was focused on what he was doing…that is why he looked at me the way I mistook for confusion–he said he was concentrating on what he was doing. It is still rather comforting to be supremely loved by a BEAUTIFUL man who understands my difficulties with expressing my emotions.

why else would he crawl on his belly (outside in the grass, to photigraph her)?
HUD loves this beautiful girl…