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So, I attended a “meeting” or whatever of a fellow blogger who has become famous in our world in the area in which I reside. When I voluntarily said to her that my blog did not have a direction / specific thing in which I wrote about…her advice to me is: “You are going to have to figure that out first (before I could really do any thing with my blog)!”

I have decided (once again) to write what I want…and that varies. Most days, it is a semi-diary entry…or something about what is happening/has happened in my life in more recent times. I don’t want to have a specific direction for my writings; instead, I wish to continue writing what I feel / think. And keep my section for short stories…after all, this is BRANDYSBRAIN.com and I am Brandy. So, what ever it is that my brain is thinking of / about at a specific moment…that is what I will write about. I appreciate my fellow blogger’s opinion…alas, I am going to stay true to my self and just write what I want, and when I want. I don’t need a direction…this site is honestly for me. However, if that were completely true…I would simply stick to my private journal entries, right?

Published by BrandysBrain

"Writing, to me; is simply thinking through my fingers." — Isaac Asimovz [This blog is mainly one that concerns my life with my furbabies; Princess Coco and Mr. Whiskey, 'Chiweenies.' You've been warned.] My blog is mostly one of "journal-esque" (diary) entries with few real names being used to protect the innocent or to keep those who are not so innocent from being tracked down.

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