it can prove to be bewildering …I still feel like a teenager; yet, (thankfully) the confusions are gone, replaced by confidence. Adulthood is when you finally begin to accept that all of the “grown-ups” with whom you grew, are muddling through the complications that life gives along EVERY conceivable path.


You  realize that your parents / the folks who raised  you; are HUMAN BEINGS. They experience the same feelings of inadequacy as you do when it comes down to how this life thing works. This is also the time you grasp that they are able to make mistakes (*gasp* NO WAY!); and tell “little ‘white’ lies.” It is an “A-HA moment” for most people when it is fully understood. But, this does not make it any easier on you to comprehend. 

For me, this is the time I wholeheartedly accept that my life is just that–MY LIFE. In my life; my family takes precedence over my family with whom I grew to be the woman that I am so proud to have become. I am ever-so-grateful for my childhood / adolescent / young adulthood family for fostering the growth of the woman I am today; so I can live for MY family, now. This is exactly what my Mom and my unofficial fiancé have been trying to get me to accept… I have to start living for MY FAMILY!

Lesson learned/accepted today–PARENTAL FIGURES ARE HUMAN BEINGS, TOO!

Below I’ve included photo!s of my family.


Published by BrandysBrain

"Writing, to me; is simply thinking through my fingers." — Isaac Asimovz [This blog is mainly one that concerns my life with my furbabies; Princess Coco and Mr. Whiskey, 'Chiweenies.' You've been warned.] My blog is mostly one of "journal-esque" (diary) entries with few real names being used to protect the innocent or to keep those who are not so innocent from being tracked down.

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