Looking In (sic) [my FIRST poem]

It seems like I have posted this previously…but I cannot locate it, so I am posting it again(?). This is the very first poem I ever wrote. I remember it vividly. I recall what house and what room I was in…I typed this on a TYPEWRITER! I failed to date the poem, but I am thinking it was 1994/1995…I can still recite the poem in my thoughts and also verbally.

Looking In

You look at me and see the girl

Who lives inside the golden world

But don’t believe

That’s all there is to see

You’ll never know the real me.

She smiles through a thousand tears

And harbors adolescent fears

She dreams of all that she can never be

She wades in insecurity

And hides herself inside of me.

Don’t say she takes it all for granted

I’m well aware of all I have

Don’t think that I am disenchanted

Please Understand (sic)

It seems as though I’ve always been

Somebody outside lookingin (sic)

Well here I am for all of them to bleed

But they cant (sic) take my heart from me

And they can’t bring me to my knees

They’ll never know the real me.

Published by BrandysBrain

"Writing, to me; is simply thinking through my fingers." — Isaac Asimovz [This blog is mainly one that concerns my life with my furbabies; Princess Coco and Mr. Whiskey, 'Chiweenies.' You've been warned.] My blog is mostly one of "journal-esque" (diary) entries with few real names being used to protect the innocent or to keep those who are not so innocent from being tracked down.

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