Looking In (sic) [my FIRST poem]

It seems like I have posted this previously…but I cannot locate it, so I am posting it again(?). This is the very first poem I ever wrote. I remember it vividly. I recall what house and what room I was in…I typed this on a TYPEWRITER! I failed to date the poem, but I amContinue reading “Looking In (sic) [my FIRST poem]”

5|14|00 (4Pooky)

NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT THE [not so] INNOCENT : ) I wrote this for Pooky almost 15 years ago…these words are so true for the newest (and FINAL romantic) heartache in my life. (Mr. Big) I will always love my best friend (from years ago), Pooky. Many of the things I say aboutContinue reading “5|14|00 (4Pooky)”


is what I’ve needed. Not alchy–hol…just needed some ‘normalcy’ again. Why this is deemed as meaning I am a “party girl,” doesn’t make sense. I only need to be socially accepted again. No one understands (or wants to understand) how difficult these past 10 year’s have been for me. I’m getting my confidence back. It’sContinue reading “Socialization…”