It will happen when you least expect it…

“Well … if you cross Brad Pitt’s looks with Gomer Pyle’s voice, you’re getting pretty close.”  – The Writer’s Book of Matches: 1001 Prompts to Ignite Your Fiction  p67

She did not go into the bar with the intention of meeting someone. All she wanted to do was have a bite to eat, drink a beer, and then go home to an empty bed. When she walked into the place, there were two seats left in her preferred sitting area (the bar). One of those seats was obviously occupied by another person because of the half-full beer bottle and plate of food in front of the chair. On the right side, a woman was seated.

She assumed that the person who occupied the empty seat was in the bathroom, and sat down in the other empty seat next to the occupied one. Looking over her menu and deciding on what food to order, she heard a male’s voice call out, “Are you trying to get my seat?” Normally, this would have piqued her interest and caused her to respond with a flirtatious reply especially if she had been there with the intention of meeting a person of the opposite sex. Being that she was not trying to meet a man; she simply said, “No.”

She was in no mood to talk to another person…she had not even “cutsied” herself up before coming in the place; she was in a t-shirt,  blue jeans and had no make-up on with her hair pulled back in a pony-tail. She was also wearing her glasses; had she been there to “hook-up,” at least she would have worn her contacts and let her long, reddish-brown hair fall loosely at her shoulders.

The man approached the seat to sit down beside her, and even if he was supremely handsome; she refused to notice how attractive he was. Even with his ruggedly handsome face, she continued to focus on her menu and kept her body turned away from him. She was trying to firmly, yet politely, give him the unspoken message that she was not interested in getting to know him.

Not responding aptly to the message she was sending, he continually tried to start a conversation with her. She would reply with simple, one-word, closed-ended statements, which would only make him try that much harder to engage in a conversation with her.

He was nice enough, it was simply that she had come to the conclusion not too long before that she was meant to travel through life alone. Having been through several tumultuous relationships earlier; accepting that was very difficult for her. After learning to acknowledge that, she was determined to keep from entangling her emotions with another man.

It was easily discernible that he had a few drinks, maybe that is what caused him to keep trying to talk to her. Perhaps she unknowingly was posing a challenge.


****to be continued****


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