Then, she met Emilio.

She was not at all your “typical American, Southern woman.” After all, she did not believe that her own life was dependent on that of a man being involved. Contrary to everything she had ever believed, after falling in love with Emilio, her life became one that was better suited to have a mate.

No, Emily had always been the type to behave as if she loathed the possibility of being “chained” to a man; secretly, it is something she had always desired. Commitment did not frighten her, she was a loyal person; she was never afraid that she may feel that a wedding ring was becoming a little too tight.

Emily wasn’t ever able to put her trust in another person. Well, her complete trust, anyway. She was so scared of love…trusting that there wasn’t a man who believed in that word the way she did. A man who never took it lightly or said it just because a situation was far too quiet; maybe he said that (awful) 4-letter word because he was wanting a physical relationship. If anything, that word being uttered to Emily always repulsed as opposed to attracted her.

Of course, no one knew this for she was very skilled at keeping her innermost thoughts hidden. She was always “the hard one.” Anyone who knew her well, understood that she was a difficult person. Those who knew her well, understood that if she ever showed you her feelings, or especially if she told you that she loved you…it was going to be forever. Emily was well-known for keeping her feelings guarded and never allowing herself to the possibility of being hurt; especially again.

Then, she met Emilio. She was able to see that he was accustomed to getting what (and who) he wanted with very little effort on his part. He was a beautiful man and his beauty was not readily accepted by Emily for quite a while; for Emily thought if she was to acknowledge his physical and emotional attractiveness, her heart would definitely be broken. Emilio was so good at being preoccupied, yet attentive to her. She secretly admired this trait in his personality. She was intrigued by his ability to be so nonchalant.

At one time, Emily was proficient at being the one who never put her feelings on display. She had learned that showing your feelings and admitting how you felt for someone only opened up the possibility to be hurt. Emily had learned to always sidetrack that option before it ever had a chance to become a risk.

After meeting Emilio and understanding that he was the same frightened, shaking, child as she had been for almost her entire life when it came to the scary 4-letter word (L-O-V-E); she was able to give herself to him emotionally. The act of physical love had never once frightened her, but the two times before when she had actually loved a man, she always had the hardest time letting go of her inhibitions because there was a true connection between their hearts. In fact, she used the physical part of love as a kind of “test” for herself. If she could allow herself to give in, then that scary word was not ever going to be a problem—she was not going to open up her heart to the possibility of being hurt; hurt emotions were never a real possibility.

Emily had fought the very probable chance that she could or would ever fall in love again. Then, she met Emilio. She played it very “cool” and kept her emotional and physical distance from him for quite some time. Of course, doing that had only made Emilio want to be with her more (it is common knowledge that men love a challenge—even when that challenge is not being purposely set).

Emilio wooed Emily (much to her surprise)…she was prepared to begin a true friendship with him when suddenly, out of the blue, she started to see him in another light. The several dates they had been on suddenly became the sort that made a girl giddy and no longer felt to Emily as if she was going out with a person who would soon be a good friend.

Emilio and Emily were two of a kind. In fact, they both were ridiculously stubborn and set in their ways; each had learned to “give-and-take” because they wanted to keep the other in their lives. Neither would admit to this because of their paralleled “bull headed-ness.”

After only a few months of dating (exclusively, nonetheless—something that Emilio was not known for doing regularly), neither had ever been so comfortable, albeit the good kind of nervous, with another person. He challenged her to become less accustomed to getting her way all of the time. She challenged his patience.

The two were meant to meet…they both brought something to the other person’s life that was not easily found. Emily brought to him the reminder that not all people of the opposite sex were out to hurt Emilio and he proved to Emily that love was indeed possible for her again.

The both of them had given up completely on ever finding “the one.” The two had their possible arguments crop up between them…but what was amazing is that they had each decided (sometimes subconsciously) to change their ways of acting and reacting to words because of the unspoken depth of caring that they shared for one another.

Emily did not dare to admit the things that were realized by her to Emilio (although, she was able to admit to a few of his friends how she felt after they told her how it was OBVIOUS to them the way he felt). She was waiting for Emilio to realize his feelings and come to accept them before Emily ever told him that it was unmistakable how he felt for her.

It was a whirlwind romance. Meaning that as guarded as the two of them were, they both understood that they had never experienced emotions the way that they were feeling for the other for anyone else of the opposite sex. The fact that they were so attuned to one another’s feelings is something that people admired.

This scared Emilio and Emily. The feelings the two of them were experiencing was something completely new to each. Even if they had both been in serious committed relationships before…they had never felt the way for anyone else that they did for each other.

One night, they had a serious fight (about what is and was not important). It was during this fight that Emilio accepted how he felt about Emily. The two of them had not ever even hinted to that “ugly 4-letter word” and Emily was fuming and ready to throw it all away and walk out the door when Emilio spoke to the back of her head.

He said, “Baby, this argument is not one we can easily choose a winner. I have an idea…“Heads, we get married. Tails, we break up. How’s that?

Emily had given up on the possibility of finding another man to love and one who would love her; Emilio had decided that love was not meant to be something that was felt for him and he would never find another to have those precious feelings for.

The possibility did not seem so slim once he set his mesmerizing greenish-blue eyes on Emily’s face he told her that it was then he said to himself, “I HAVE to talk to this girl.” It may have taken Emily a little longer to see what Emilio saw the first time their eyes met because of her stubborn side; but once she accepted it, it was all she could think about.

Emily agreed to Emilio’s idea of betting their unspoken love on the probability of a coin landing on heads or tails. She always seemed to have amazing luck at getting what she wanted, so she felt that she could “will” the coin toss to come up with a “heads” landing. Little did she know, Emilio had a two-sided coin…little did he know that Emily felt as if she had the power of making things happen.

Either way, the two were not going to accept the coin landing on tails if it were to happen that way. Emily had never believed in “soul mates;” Then, she met Emilio.


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