Not a kid; not yet an “old person…”

When a person enters their 30s…it is a wee bit confusing. As in, “Am I still a 20-something, because I FEEL like I am and I think that way?” But, at the same time, when encountered with a group or a gaggle (females) of 20-something’s, 30-something’s typically are “catty,” because those 20-something’s bother us; people in their early 30s tend to become irritated with the loud “thump-thump-thump” of the vehicle speakers and the silliness of the way those people behave. Therein lies the problem with shopping for clothing.

There is not a section dedicated to people in the “not really young, but definitely not old yet,” genre. We (early 30-somethings) are not sure if we can still pull off the MTV/punk rock-look, but we do not want to start dressing like an old school teacher/librarian either. So, as a young woman, when I shop in the Junior’s department…I am annoyed because I have to go up a couple of sizes than what the TRUE size is (young women sizes are smaller than women sizes….say, a size 5 in Juniors is equal to a size 9(ish) in womens–I just made that up; please don’t fuss at me). Also, I have to go up a couple/FEW sizes when I shop in the Juniors department because I have finally developed hips (at 33 years old). So, I may be able to wear a smaller size in because of my waist, but I have to get a larger size (or sizes) because I now have hips.

I am 33 and not yet ready to wear my shorts down to my knee or cover up everything with a cute, albeit modest, shirt. So, all of that to say this; I purchased the shorts below in the juniors department…of course, they were far too short for me to really love them. But, I could not find anything in women’s that was stylish and not “old lady” looking.

I think we young adults need to make our voices heard. We are not young and silly anymorebut we are definitely far from being “middle-aged.” We need our own section of (affordable) clothing when we are in a department store!

After wearing these shorts only a few times just as they came; I decided today to alter them a bit. They are cut-offs, and the inseam originally was a mere 2″. I spent about an hour unraveling the thread to make the inseam be 3 1/2″. I am pleased with the way the shorts look now. In fact, I think I prefer them this way with the denim a bit darker around the edges. What are your thoughts?

modified shorts 7.30.2013

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  1. Oh my goodness, you make a great point! I do not really think about this because most of the clothes I buy are “work appropriate” and this could be a separate post too. Anyhow, you make a great point, why don’t we have a 30-something clothing section at the local department store. This is a great business idea… Just saying. Moving on, I too just developed hips, I’ll be 32 in less than a month.
    Best of luck on your 30’s journey.


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