Because I truly want to feel that my wrong-doings are resolved; I choose to trust what my spiritual advisor envisions. It is seen that you are NOT the man with whom I should continue to be involved; according to the views, the ways you behave are not completely your decisions. By no means, does thatContinue reading “Why?”


When I am happy deep inside of myself; I want to go out and play the part. Similarly, when I am conflicted within my core; my creativity flows. I don’t write when there isn’t anything plaguing my brain…my feelings…my heart. Maybe this is why I seek out the most complications; to fuel my creative productivity.Continue reading “Acceptance”

If I never see your face again, I (DO) mind…

When picturing you, I should not care what others see in my heart. Instead, I should choose to see my view. Moments before we met; at me, you flashed that irresistible smile. It was so genuine that I don’t believe I can ever forget. This may seem as if I am feeling too much forContinue reading “If I never see your face again, I (DO) mind…”

Stay, Stay, Stay

I do not need room that doesn’t include you; I want all of you in all of my space. I think you are scared too; based on the things you have said to my face. ——————————- “That’s when you came in wearing a football helmet and said ‘Okay, let’s talk.’ And I said, ‘Stay, stay,Continue reading “Stay, Stay, Stay”