"Who is your worst friend?"

I know the things that affect me better than anyone else does. For instance; I know that commenting on the things I should have done or should do (or should be) only makes me angry which causes me to react like a child and rebel. So, I rarely (if ever) call attention to the fact of my not living up to my potential.

The anger does not stir up the thing or things as opposed to stirring up the thing( s )in my personal feelings that make me want to achieve whatever should be done to get what it is I want.

I understand the things that need to happen or not happen in order to make my life become what I’ve always dreamed and known that it would be (not just could be).

I know the weaknesses that I have; yet I play on them and manipulate them to better a particulars make things turn out positively that way so I do not feel like as much of a loser (in a particular moment).

I am the worst friend that I have ever had because I lie to myself constantly. I know that within me, I harbor all these doubts about my personality traits; yet, I use them that knowledge of my weaknesses for my benefit.I do my best to gain from the personal weaknesses that I have.

A true friend does not use your weaknesses try to gain from your weaknesses/shortcomings; rather, a true friend understands your weaknesses but will do everything to keep you from succumbing to them.I have always thought that I am the best friend I’ll ever have, but perhaps, I am the worst friend I could ever have. I understand the ways I could win an argument with myself; at times when I truly want to do/say something that I should not, I understand the best way to reason with my mind in order to make the thing readily accessible.

For this these reasons, I believe that I am my worst friend.


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