…no date…(but it was in the 00’s)

I expect too much, my expectations are high. my standards are too high. I won’t try to work for something. I just expet (sic) things to happen. I trust no one, yet I betray others trust in me. I immediately assume all decisions are b/c of me. I jump to conclusions. I over analyze every thought, word or motion someone does or has (sic). I don’t try hard enough. I don’t live up to my potential. I have big dreams and no ambition. Things just happen. luck, fate. It always comes to me. I’m a drama queen. I always want “action.” I want it all.

(I remember this was an exercise in a book that I was reading…the challenge was to list the faults about yourself that were able to be thought of immediately.)


I was happiest when I worked for Rock 97.3. I had started a brand new life and I had fallen deeply in love for the first time in my life. I felt alive, full of energy. I had the perfect job and someone who truly loved me.


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