Am I in love with you? I really don’t know. I want to tell you that “I ❤ U” so many times throughout the day. If I do utter those words, I wonder what you will say. Will you look at me, stare deeply into my eyes, then caress my body to yours and whisper that you feel the same for me? Or will you instinctively, almost immediately say “I ❤ U too”? I hope not. I want you to mean it; to feel it.What if I would’ve told you that I ❤ you last  night? Would you have been scared? Would the words, my feelings; freak you out? I was contemplating saying it to you as I rested my head on your chest and you gently  pulled me closer; when you interrupted my thoughts w/ a long embrace by saying “Brandy, I care about you so much.”

The words came out of nowhere, but I felt as though you had invaded my thoughts; my emotion for you. I think about you, about us, almost non-stop. I miss you when I’m not near you, even if you’re in the next room.

I think that you are beautiful. I’ve always watched you, your expressions. Those eyes, the brightest blue and so cleverly set…deep, and revealing. The curve of your nose sounds strange, but I love the way your nose is so perfectly shaped. Your mischievous smile makes my insides jump; my heart melt. The way your hand just interlocks w/ mine. I don’t know what love is to other people. And I’ve suppressed ever feeling it for someone until it makes me question my own emotion; if I’m not in love with you, Chris, I know that I am falling! And all I want is for you to catch me and (to) feel the same way about me.


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