jus’ thinkin…

’bout school…I am frightened to graduate college. School has been my career for so long… ’bout friends…should it surprise me that EVERYONE has matured? Here I am, retarded (the true definition of the word is meant AND not the “negative” connotation that is normally associated with the word) in what I have achieved, comparatively. ’boutContinue reading “jus’ thinkin…”

Scorpio horoscope for January 12, 2012

So…my horoscope for today is giving me the advice of not worrying so much about my MATERIAL things…I read it to mean; if I just “play nice” with Artie, the possessions will come to me. Scorpio–January 12, 2012 “People often say ‘money talks’. The truth is, for most of us it says ‘goodbye.’ Is anContinue reading “Scorpio horoscope for January 12, 2012”