(I had trouble posting this last night…it was written on Monday October 8, 2012)

I am obviously not the kind of company people wish to include anymore. Apparently, I am far too negative (something that I never was before my head injury) and instead of lifting people up, I bring them down. So much, that people avoid me…a close confidant confessed to me tonight that they feel sad around me because I am utterly sad myself.

I have forever thought of myself as the person I was when I was in high school/when I worked with the radio industry. It is very hard to accept that not only am I not that person (and I will never be again), but everyone in my life moved on and went their separate ways (and grew up).

While my friends (most of whom were friends of mine from high school) matured, and many started families…I was finally ready to be able to spend the night away from home (in my late 20s). So, I am emotionally stunted now because of the (stupid) brain injury.

Andy Griffith :(July 3, 2012

The sad news of Andy Griffith’s passing today really begins to put the idea of people I love not being alive forever. Sure, I’ve had people I love so very much pass (Larry “Bud,” and more recently, the mother of a man who I will ALWAYS consider a very good friend and love deeply–even if we rarely communicate, and my beloved Aunt Jackie), but I am not sure why the death of this man really began to make the whole “turn-turn-turn” idea concrete. I love ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ (I will always have the most fond memories of my Mom and I watching it together–in fact, we still do watch it on television) and I REALLY love the show “Matlock.”