Why does (emotional) pain=feeling worthy? June 16, 2012

Sometimes, good things do come to those who wait.  It is possible that the reason for sayings to stay around for long periods of time is because things really never change.

Sure, hairstyles and fashion change only to become “new” again in another 20 or so years. But, people never do change. The same feelings; the same thoughts are pretty much a part of the human psyche.

If someone is used to being treated badly, it is sort of uncomfortable to be treated nicely. So, if we are treated nicely, why do we always try to create a  problem?

Maybe everyone is egotistical. Psychology is correct; everything in life good or bad exists because of someone’s ego.

June 2012-My friend, Chris and me in Hollywood, CA.
Hollywood Blvd. the band, Alabama and their star on ‘The Walk of Fame’

Maybe what Woody Allen said about love best describes the definition of it:

“Oh, now there’s only one kind of love that lasts. That’s unrequited love. It stays with you forever.”

Maybe romantic love is not all that complicated and we try to make it more difficult than it truly is. It could be that each of us only gets that one true love.

Why do we all try to make believe that we deserve so much more than the love that is offered to us? It seems that the person who offers their love is never quite good enough–they do not have the chance to even touch the pedestal that is built in our minds; the ones who offer to love do not even have the opportunity to stand remotely close to the pedestal we built for others to stand on.

Maybe they are too good for the pedestal and that is what frightens us. It is much easier to deal with the heartaches that love gives us instead of the elated feeling where your heart is swelling at the mere mention of someone’s name.

Why is it that we would much rather love “the one who got away” instead of the one who is right there willing to accept and give you their love?

Why do we get the second chance at having another’s love? It is both a good feeling and also a bad one. It is good, because we feel great when someone admits that they have always loved us from afar. We feel badly because for it to have been so obvious…how is it we never caught on?

Sometimes, love offers us a second chance…we should immediately take hold and never let go, because there are only so many “second chances” before life just gives up on us.