Currently, my life is (fill-in-blank)…


I am super proud of my accomplishments. I was placed on the top 20% of students at Ashford University based on my overall Grade Point Average (GPA), which is a 3.8GPA! I was put into Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL) National Honor Society (again, solely based on grades–which is fine by me; that makes it that much more credible in my eyes)–obviously the Alpha Lambda chapter at Ashford University.

I am  disappointed that it is not a good time for me to visit California again (not what was said, but what I understood). Since the tickets were 50% off, I am happy to be going to visit Danny in Colorado. I realized the other day that Danny & I have been in each others life (however sporadically) since we were wild (him) and crazy (him…and me) kids; everyone thought I was insane for liking him so much; they thought it would never last. Well, they were right, but we are still good friends…(almost) 15 YEARS LATER!


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