I’m not laughing…

Isn’t it funny how we never see what is right in front of our face and instead allow self-doubts to make a “home” in our brain? Every person relies on others to give them validation that something is true–even if some people rely on the validation of other people more than others do; we all need to be validated.

It amazes me that our own self-doubts can cause us to see things in the opposite way that they really are. This is mostly true of southern people from the United States. And those people are normally southern women.

People in New England are seen as ‘brash’…people on the west coast are seen as artistically ditzy. I have been to the East and West coast, and I believe that southern women could stand to learn a thing or two from New Englander’s and “surfer types.”

But, I also believe those coasts could stand to learn a lot from the ways of southerners…


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