“Sometimes knowing burns…”

Is it possible to feel as if you have lost something before you have ever gained it? The way that a person believes how things will be if only they had that one chance to be with whomever they choose is a feeling that may be somewhat overly positive in the dream that is made up in their head.

If that person chooses to share those feelings with the one that always seemed “out of reach” to them (lets give them names to make it simpler to follow: Ollie has always had feelings for Tonya). Ollie shares the feelings he has always had for Tonya with her; when she reciprocates those feelings, it would seem that Ollie would be ecstatic about his “luck.” Instead, Ollie chooses to play the silly mind games that teenagers play after the initial excitement of the possibility of having Tonya in his life has ended.

Tonya is devastated. Although, Ollie could be busy with work/social obligations…perhaps Tonya is being a typical girl and taking it to heart that Ollie does not contact her. That is normally the way it goes…female minds tend to over-dramatize things and believe that they have lost something that could be great before it is even gained.


Virgos Merlot–“Gain”

So many times I should have stayed
You’ve got it and you don’t know what it is

Would you gain
Time after time it’s the same old wrong

I’m bothered by the fact
You cannot take it back
It goes on record and
Multiplies at that
I’ve gotta break it down
To it’s smallest part
Put it back together
And call it art


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