If you just realize what I just realized…

It’s true that once you realize you love someone romantically, a part of your heart will forever be reserved for them. If things do not work in that relationship, it is the part that you are no longer attached to that always loves the person; in essence, it is the small part of your heartContinue reading “If you just realize what I just realized…”

“mistakes” of the past do not define who you are today.

“…A simple I love you means more than money…” – Frank Sinatra

I keep having to change my password…I write/”write” it down and then I forget where I put it. 

While it is true that the reasons you are the person you are is because of your past, we are encouraged to move past that. Even if we do “move on” from the way we were perceived to be as teenagers, it seems to me, that the adolescent years of your life truly do make you the person that you become.