My Nana

Friday 05.04.18

Mom and I watched General Hospital and an ugly woman was at some girl’s grave and it was like the woman was voicing how I was feeling.


Saw 2 red birds, then we went into Ross in Trussville. Mom and I were in different areas of the store, and we heard a dog bark (inside the store). I heard Mom say something about a puppy, and I saw her walk over to the dog, who was in a buggy being pushed by his owner.

A little later, I was near the checkout lane, as the lady with the dog was walking toward the checkout. I pet the dog; he kept licking my face and wagging his tail erratically. The lady told me that the pup’s name is AJ when I asked.

Mom came over, and recognized the woman was trying to checkout. immediately after, we met a woman whose husband had died with the same things that Nana suffered with (breathing problems, not being able to speak coherently, could no longer walk). We told the lady about Nana passing with similar issues.

After leaving Ross; as mom turned onto West Hill Road, I began crying softly because I knew Nana wasn’t in the house waiting. Mom grabbed my hand to comfort me. I wasn’t aware that she could hear my sobbing. I think she just knew how it was affecting me when she grabbed my hand in a loving way.

As we were going up the hill; a red bird flew lowly across the street in front of the car. Mom smiled, and clutched my hand tighter; she said something about Nana letting me know she was okay. I smiled, and through my tears, I said; “Hi, Nana!”

When we went inside Nana’s house; Mom and I watched Golden Girls. Blanche was hearing the voice of her grandmother who died.


Today, I planned to have the oil changed in my vehicle, then go to Nana’s/visit Mom. My plan was to go pick up a few items in the way of groceries when I finished visiting. Unfortunately, my truck broke down as I was en route. Jamie had to pick me up, and he had my Explorer towed to the shop (again). I was feeling quite pathetic.

Tonight, I drove his car to our local convenience store. As I was standing in line, ready to pay for my “Dulce de Leche” bottled Frappuccino; I heard the bottle smash the floor! I didn’t even feel it slip from my grip.

My Mom is right; my feelings are expressed in my facial cues/body language. For, I thought I handled the accident well…but, Sue, immediately said to me in her motherly tone, as she was finishing with a customer and rushing from behind the counter to hug me (and clean up the mess I had unintentionally made), “Now, don’t you worry about that; just go get you another one…it is okay!”

She then proceeded to clean up my mess, while refusing the help to clean that I offered. I tried to pick up the large glass pieces as she was making her way to the customer side of the counter, and she was being “such a Mom” telling me (worrisome and sweetly), “DON’T CUT YOURSELF! Let me get it!” I begrudgingly obeyed, and went to get another Frappuccino.

Another girl was being so sweet…she instructed me to go to the empty register where she could ring me up. I offered (and expected) to pay for the drink I dropped, she would not allow that. She told me, “It happens to all of us, it’s okay.” 😕 I continued to offer to pay for the drink I had dropped, and she told me not to worry about it!

I felt guilty as I was walking out of the store, I couldn’t even stay long enough to thank Sue, again (the tears were due at any moment); so, I asked the girl who was so nice if she could tell Sue that I said “thank you.”

This day has been a major FAIL!

Good boy!

Good boy!

Last night, Mr. Whiskey was grunting at me (to get my attention) as he was sitting by the screen door. I looked at him, and asked, “Do you have to go potty, baby?” He immediately began “dancing”-his ‘potty dance.’ Walking toward the door, I said; “Baby, it’s raining hard outside!” I thought he would recognize that, and decide to use the potty pad in the laundry room inside of the house.

He quickly ran outside onto the grass…and after doing what he needed to do, he ran inside and stood by the shelf where I keep the towel to dry the baby’s fur before going completely indoors. #GoodBoy🐶